Best Ways Cannabis Oil Helps Fight Breast Cancer

Over 60 researches and reviewed studies conducted on medical marijuana between 1990 and 2014 for health conditions ranging from Parkinson’s disease to Breast cancer. A large number of these studies around 68.3 percent prove that marijuana has several medicinal benefits, but around 23.3 percent were uncertain and 8.3 percent shows negative results.  In the United States, around forty-four states support a medical marijuana law, which means 85 % of the county can get access to medicinal, marijuana or cannabis for treating a large range of unbearable conditions. In fact, the laws leading this differ hugely by state and getting medical marijuana is tough, if not impossible and this is because the law is written in this way in all these 44-states in America. Also, marijuana is not legal on a federal level and law dating back to 1937 required to be rewritten.

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Medical Marijuana is obtainable in various forms from joints smoked such as illegal marijuana to edibles like cookies, tea, crackers, popcorn, lollipops, nut mixes, gummy bears, ice cream, chew, chocolate, bars, and various other types of food.  It is also obtainable in sprays, topical ointment, and transdermal patches, and the CBD Oil for Cancer Treatment.  Each type of medical marijuana is different and that is why it is vital to talk to your doctor and know what type works better for you as the doctor can suggest the right method as they are aware of your medical condition.

 What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil for cancer is a sticky thick, resinous substance derived from the cannabis plant (Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa).  You can derive the cannabis oil by separating the paste from cannabis flowers with an extraction process. Cannabis oil is a very concentrated and powerful product, and like marijuana, CBD oil contains two main ingredients, including high-inducing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD (Cannabidiol), which is considered as the second most active ingredient in marijuana.  Generally,  oils made for medicinal uses contains very less THC compared to the normal joint, but, both CBD and THC are advertised for their healing powers. High-quality CBD oils can be used medicinally through various methods, including vaporized, orally, applied topically, or as a suppository.

 CBD Oil for cancer treatment:

Cannabidiol and the associated chemicals are known as cannabinoids that reduce the pain obtained from chemotherapy and other health issues like nausea and vomiting in patients. Also, other studies show that the CBD oil can kill the cancer cells and unreliable cases evidently shown miraculous recoveries from cancer, and it is all because of CBD oil.  But, it is very important to find legal cannabidiol as the illegal cannabis oil sold by drug dealers can be contaminated and it can cause more health issues. The illicitly sold cannabis oil on the street often contain dangerous ingredients and it may not have any CBD or THC.  That is why it is important to buy the oil legally to avoid serious health issues.

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According to the researchers, the CBD oil reduces a gene called Id-1, and researchers consider that the Id-1 activates the metastatic procedure accountable for spreading cells from the breast tumor to other body parts like lungs and brain.  Manuel Guzman is a Spanish professional on cannabinoids and cancer says that it is the first proof that CBD oil for cancer can target the metastasis gene and helps prevent breast cancer.


Ketogenic Diet for Cancer Treatment Eating Organic For Better Health

One of the deadly diseases that have become an important concern in today’s society is cancer. Although medical field has made huge advancement, still it has not been able to find any effective cure for cancer. Some scientists might disagree with this fact and can state that chemotherapy or radiation is a cure for cancer.

However, if one closely follows medical journal they will find that not every cancer patient are able to carry on with the costly cancer treatment. They leave the treatment midway. Often, they look for alternative treatment for cancer. Well, Ketogenic diet for cancer treatment is being touted as an alternative to conventional cancer treatment. However, before going for such treatment one should keep in mind that this alternative treatment should be used along with the conventional treatment procedures.

ketogenic diet

Cancer patients might often wonder how a diet can help to get rid of cancer. Just as a healthy diet can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle, similarly; a Ketogenic diet can form a key cancer treatment.

Ketogenic diet calls for getting rid of carbohydrates and replacing the carbohydrates wit certain amount of protein and healthy fats. The proposition of this is to starve the cancer cells. This, in turn, leads to their death.

Ketogenic Diet

Often, when people think of diet they associate it with losing weight. However, Ketogenic diet can offer more than losing weight. It can have curative effect on certain health conditions.

Ketogenic diet for cancer treatment usually consists of low amount of carbohydrate and high amount of diet.

When a person follows a ketogenic diet it forces the human body to switch to alternative source for energy. The alternative source is the fat (body fat or dietary fat). The fat gets converted to ketones and is then used as energy.

While a normal cell can easily switch to alternative source for their energy. However, cancer cells can’t make use of alternative fat for using it as energy. It depends on carbohydrates for getting its energy. Hence, when it doesn’t get its required amount of energy, it starves to death.

Thus, it can be said that a Ketogenic diet which contains fewer amounts of carbs can easily treat certain health conditions like cancer.

ketogenic diet for cancer

How Ketogenic Diet Can Kill Cancer Cells?

Cancer patients are often recommended Ketogenic diet. This is because it can help them to improve their overall health and help to destroy/ weaken the cancer cells.

A Ketogenic diet for cancer treatment follows a diet that contains no amount of glucose. Without glucose cancer cells can’t survive. This is because cancer cells prefer glucose as their main fuel source. When a person sticks to Ketogenic diet glucose intake gets limited.  This, in turn, inhibits the progression of cancer cells.

Studies have shown that Ketogenic diet for cancer treatment becomes more effective when it is integrated with occasional fasting. The reason behind this is that fasting leads to the increase of ketones within the body. When ketones increase within the body, it becomes harmful for cancer cells. As cancer cells can’t survive in such conditions. Take the help of Ketogenic diet for treating cancer.